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We are capable of supporting many famous brands of CCTV Cameras, Hikvision CCTV Cameras and Hikvision DVR, Hikvision IP Cameras and Hikivision NVR, Dahua CCTV Cameras and Dahua DVR, Dahua IP Cameras and Dahua NVR, Samsung CCTV Cameras and Samsung DVR, Samsung IP Camera and Samsung NVR, Panasonic CCTV Cameras and Panasonic DVR, Panasonic IP Cameras and Panasonic NVR, Avtech CCTV Cameras and Avtech DVR, Avtech IP Cameras and Avtech NVR.
We are specialized in CCTV Troubleshooting, Re-cabling work for CCTV, Designing CCTV Solution. Last but not least, we always help our customer to provide cost saving solution and achieve efficiency, feel free to contact us for FREE advice or to arrange for FREE Site Survey, No Obligation at all!


CCTV Camera Systems and Services for Home and Office in Singapore
CCTV Security System Singapore offers a wide range of surveillance solution that range from the installation of home CCTV cameras in Singapore, to CCTV Cameras in office installation as well as after sales support and maintenance services for large corporations/businesses.
Home CCTV packages, from installation to system maintenance
CCTV Security System Singapore provides High Definition (720P to 1080P) of CCTV for home users at reasonable price with our full installation and after sales service. CCTV Security System Singapore help to keep you and your loved ones safe in Singapore with a CCTV System for your home. Consider to have the CCTV system for your home, please feel free to contact us so that we can arrange for FREE Site Survey, No Obligation at all!
Office CCTV camera systems and services for Singapore
CCTV Security System Singapore provide you to the latest CCTV system to safeguard your business and property. We offer a wide range of high-quality High Definition CCTV Camera and recorder. We always provide onsite office installation service with good coaxial cables and good tools to do the installation in Singapore with minimal disruptions to your office operations.
Cost Effective CCTV Security System
Established since 2003, CCTV Security System Singapore has strong knowledge and experience to provide cost effective CCTV System at reasonable price to meet your requirements. Our mission is to provide the right service and make sure everything is do it properly and correctly. All these years, we have been assisting our new customers to revert their existing systems and reduce servicing cost.
How much does it cost to install CCTV in Singapore?

For those who are interested in installing a CCTV system in their office or home in Singapore, cost of the CCTV is always a concern in making the decision.

The cost depends on the area, distance, type of cable used, resolution of the camera use, the duration of the footage you want to keep and also the after sales service. Typically, it varies from a few hundreds dollars to a few thousand dollars.

Motion Detection Recording
Many people asks whether camera come with motion detector. Typically, camera does not come with motion detector. Almost all Digital Video Recorder already built-in with the software motion detection feature. Nowadays, a lots of these features can be done with software, so just let the software do the work for you. Of course, if you wish to have hardware motion detection, you will have to prepare to pay for the extra.


We offer Wireless IP Camera, Door Access System, Alarm Security System and CCTV Camera Security Solution for home, office, shop, warehouse, restaurant and factory.
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